Heybase Unveils a Remarkable Upgrade: Welcome to Heybase 3.0!

April 26, 2024

Heybase 3.0, a major update that brings a host of new features, improved design, and enhanced functionality to elevate your Heybase experience. Over the past year, we've been carefully listening to your feedback and working tirelessly to envision a future where Heybase becomes bigger, better, and more user-friendly than ever before. Today, that future has arrived!

What's New in Heybase 3.0:

1. Revamped UI and UX:

We've given Heybase a fresh new look with a refactored user interface and user experience. Navigating through Heybase is now smoother, more intuitive, and visually stunning.

2. Dark and Light Mode Options:

Personalize your Heybase experience with the introduction of Dark and Light mode options for both the app and shared rooms.

3. Pre-built Layouts and Content Blocks:

Heybase 3.0 introduces pre-built layouts and ready-to-use content blocks like Image & text, User Signature, Content Blocks etc., saving you time and effort while creating dynamic and engaging content.

4. Cover Image Feature:

Make your Heybase rooms visually appealing by adding cover images from Unsplash, you can upload image from your computer or select a colour. Customize your spaces to reflect your unique style and make them stand out.

5. New Brand Colors:

We've refreshed our color palette to bring you a more vibrant and modern Heybase. Explore the new brand colors that add a touch of excitement to your workspace.

6. Archive, Starred Rooms, and Custom Groups:

Stay organized with the new Archive, Starred Rooms, and Custom Groups options. Effortlessly manage your rooms and streamline your workflow.

7. Editor Stability Fixes and Improved UI:

Enjoy a more stable editing experience with fixes to our editor's stability. The user interface has also been enhanced for a seamless content creation process.

8. Autosave Stability Fixes:

Never worry about losing your work again. Heybase 3.0 brings stability fixes to autosave, ensuring your progress is always secure.

9. Publish Room Option:

The new Publish Room option allows you to showcase your content to a Shared Room.

10. Enhanced Room UI:

We've fine-tuned the Room UI for an even better user experience. Your guests can navigate through your rooms effortlessly and enjoy an improved visual layout.

11. New Invitation Email:

Introducing a fresh and inviting email format for Email invitations for guests and team. Make the onboarding experience seamless for your team members and guests.

12. Improved Conversations:

Communication is key, and Heybase 3.0 takes it up a notch with improved conversation features. Connect with your team like never before.

13. Improved Analytics and Insights:

Gain deeper insights into your Heybase usage with improved analytics. Track your performance and make informed decisions to enhance productivity.

14. Improved Video Narrations:

Elevate your storytelling with enhanced video narrations. Deliver compelling messages and capture your audience's attention with improved video features.

15. Social Login:

Now, you can seamlessly log in or sign up using your Google account. Enjoy a quicker and more convenient onboarding process

At Heybase, we're dedicated to providing a personalized experience, and Heybase 3.0 is a testament to that commitment. We believe these updates will make your Heybase journey even more awesome.

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