How Heybase Works?

Heybase is intuitive and easy to use, enables you to create and share sales rooms in minutes with a few simple steps


Create personalized sales rooms

Start designing sales rooms easily with Drag and Drop editor and Embed your existing Sales Collaterals like Intro Video, Welcome Note, Proposals, Sales Decks, Contracts, Calendar, Meeting link, Payment links with 100+ Integrated apps.


Record a personalized video

Hit record and add a video narration to capture a buyer’s attention and build a personal connection right from the start, Add a personal touch to your collaterals by recording your personalized welcome message.


Share with a magic link

Simply invite your prospects to the sales room, buyers will get the magic link, so they can access the content whenever they want to, without logging in or creating an account.


Keep the conversation going

Engage your buyers, Negotiate with them, respond to their questions and keep everyone connected, literally on the same page - with Mentions, Comments and interactive collaboration features.

Track engagement and performance

Get insights as soon as a buyer opens or interacts with your sales room, Monitor interactions and time spent, Determine which deals are trending in the right direction and Predict which prospects will close and when.

"Having one place for all parts of the sale is awesome. Although I am using it for external sales I am also planning to use it for after-sales, and for similar use-cases, Heybase is Exactly what I was looking for!"

Andy T

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