Your search for a Journey
alternative is finally over

Best-in-class features, Industry-leading support - just a beautiful all-in-one Digital Sales Room Software to uplift your sales, Heybase is the best alternative for Journey.


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Drag & Drop Builder
Password-less login with Magic Links
Embed Anything
Advanced Analytics
Custom Domain
Personalization & Branding
Email Notifications
Priority Support

Why Choose Heybase over Journey?

Heybase offers beautiful and personalized buyer experiences for your sales deals
All the sales collaterals get centralized, Your team gets a modern tool for remote selling with superior sales enablement capabilities.
Communication and collaboration happening in a single place, You will get on-demand analytics and actionable insights.
Your team and your prospects will love the modern experience of Heybase!
Switching to Heybase is easy, No matter what tool you’re currently using.

"Having one place for all parts of the sale is awesome. Although I am using it for external sales I am also planning to use it for after-sales, and for similar use-cases, Heybase is Exactly what I was looking for!"

Andy T,

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