Streamline communication with buyers

Maintain deal velocity and build stronger relationships by collaborating in Sales Rooms, Engaging your buyers, Negotiating with them, responding to their questions, working together on a mutual action plan, and keeping everyone in the loop to help to close a deal faster
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Faster Responses
Time Saving than online meetings
Faster Deal Cycles

Communicate better with all your stakeholders

Bring communication out of inboxes and into the sales rooms, where you can collaborate transparently, securely, and effectively with all the stakeholders and decision-makers involved in a deal, so you can ditch siloed communication of email.

Document sharing

Share files and documents

Share files in the right place and time while communicating - be it Meeting Notes, Requirement Documents, or a Draft Agreement. Heybase collaboration allows sharing resources where the prospect can also upload and share files.

Reply to a message

Bring context into the conversation

Don’t lose context of your conversation rich and more informed conversations: Mention a team-mate, Reply to a message, Give important updates, discuss them and take action – all on a single page.

"Digital Sales Rooms are the perfect way to create a dedicated "universe" for my clients and it can be used for post-sales too, a great bonus for our customer success, because yes we’re using it for Customer Onboarding too!"

Christophe HK.
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Create personalized selling experiences and Impress your prospects.


Track engagement and measure performance, with analytics and insights.


Embed and use your existing content from Heybase integrated apps.


Add human touch to your sales collaterals with async video narrations.

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