Know how your deals are trending

Ever had the feeling that a few deals are falling behind or that an important prospect may not be happy? Heybase lets you have a handle on all ongoing deals. Analyze, and take action before deals get lost.
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Create seller-free experiences with unique buying journeys.
Share personalized, hyper-relevant deal related content.
Provide a single source of truth through-out the entire sales cycle.

View all sales rooms in one glance

Quickly understand the status and trends of all your deals, with one easy glance. Heybase’s Dashboard allows you to track which deals are trending in the right direction and which are slipping away.


Analyze buyer behavior

See how your buyers and decision-makers interact with your shared salesroom, With Heybase’s Activity analytics - you can track how many times someone viewed your shared salesroom and you can track how they engage with your embedded sales collateral.


Track engagement and measure performance

Heybase Insights allows you to collect section-level analytics to track top-performing collateral, document, or content-wise total time spent. Compare different collateral to fine-tune your content and achieve your goals faster.

I like the flexibility and ease with which you can create highly functional pages/microsites that can be used for various functions. I have built several use cases for my sprouting agency with Heybase.

Tony B
All-in-one sales portal

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Streamline communication with buyers with Real-time collaboration.


Create personalized selling experiences and Impress your prospects.


Embed and use your existing content from Heybase integrated apps.


Add human touch to your sales collaterals with async video narrations.

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