Create personalized human interactions

Impress prospects by adding yourself to the collateral you share. Create high-impact video narrations perfect for every step of your buyer’s journey.
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Create seller-free experiences with unique buying journeys.
Share personalized, hyper-relevant deal related content.
Provide a single source of truth through-out the entire sales cycle.

Accelerate relationship with a click

Hit record and add a video narration to capture a buyer’s attention and build a personal connection right from the start, Add a personal touch to your collaterals by recording your personalized welcome message.

Build trust with video

Using video for sales is one of the best ways to build trust with your buyers. When they can see your personality and knowledge, they’ll be able to get a better sense of you and your business and establish a better rapport.

Guide your buyers

Drive higher interactions‚ and equipping your prospects with the right information is the recipe for deal success, People don't have time to read, and guide your prospects through a product, or service with async video narrations.

Heybase allows all relevant marketing materials to be shared individually with each client in a dedicated digital room. I like the aesthetics of the rooms and the ease of use while setting them up!

Randeep S
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Streamline communication with buyers with Real-time collaboration.


Create personalized selling experiences and Impress your prospects.


Embed and use your existing content from Heybase integrated apps.


Track engagement and measure performance, with analytics and insights.

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