Digital Sales Rooms to modernize your sales process

Shared collaborative space where personalized sales collateral is shared with the potential buyer
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Branded Buyer Experience

Stop sharing your sales collateral over 10+ emails instead just share a personalized salesroom link and wow your buyers.

Buyer Analytics
Embed your sales material
Chat and Collaborate
Custom Branding
Digital Sales Room

Organize. Share. Analyze

collaboration with buyers and stakeholders in a single digital location

Embed your Sales Assets, no more email attachments

One unified destination that hosts all of the sales collateral required in a sales cycle, you can embed anything in your base with Drag and Drop Interface builder, from product intros to proposals to contracts and invite your prospect.

Collaborate with your buyers in the context

No more endless emails and follow-ups, No redundant meetings. Heybase brings all communications between you and the buyer literally on a single page, for faster consensus-building and positive decision-making.

Smart Analytics and insights to close deals faster

Heybase delivers real-time activity and engagement insights to increase sales pipeline visibility. Determine which deals are trending in the right direction, Predict which deals will close and when.

Un-churn your Funnel

Reduce churn during the sales process
by building trust and consensus, faster.

Put Customer First

Sell your buyers with personalized digital proposals, and provide them a space to collaborate  with your team.

Improve time-to-value

Instantly reduce sales-cycle time by more than 50% and improve product adoption.

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