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At the heart of Heybase are rooms: personalized spaces for stakeholders and everything that you need to close the deal. In rooms, you can easily embed your sales collateral using a drag n drop editor and add a human touch with a custom introduction video.

Establish a human connection

Using the power of video, you and your reps can educate your buyers for faster revenue growth and deeper relationships, Heybase allows you to add a personal touch to your sales collaterals by recording your video narrations for every content.

Keep stakeholders engaged

In Heybase, your buyers have got all the flexibility to work when and how it’s best for them. You can easily engage with your buyers, negotiate with them, respond to their queries and keep everyone literally on the same page to build consensus faster.

Make data driven decisions

In Heybase, See how your buyers or prospects engage with your sales collateral and determine which deals are trending in the right direction to predict which prospect will close and when with buyer engagement analytics.

Heybase works with your existing sales stack.

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Easier to use and nicer looking than Get Accept. Checked out the free trial of this and Get Accept before purchasing. This one is a surprisingly really well-built.
Jake Bolling
Founder, Coworking SEO
Simple tool but must needed in our sales cycle. I can recommend this to anyone who wants to guide their prospects and showcase the product and offerings.
Joel Stoehr
Co-founder, PPC Engineers
Heybase introduced me to a new and better way to sell and offer my services to potential future clients. It is one of those tools that propose something so simple and at the same time revolutionary.
Adrian Dalsus
Lead Generation Specialist

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According to Gartner


of B2B Sales Interactions will occur in digital channels by 2025


of millennials prefer no sales rep interaction in B2B Purchases
Source: The Future of Sales in 2025: A Gartner Trend Insight Report