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Create a differentiated buying experience for your prospects with the best digital sales room software.
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Create personalized sales rooms in minutes

Say goodbye to scattered documents and disconnected collateral. Heybase allows you to tailor the sales room with embedded sales collateral and ready to use building blocks.


Collaborate seamlessly with your prospects

Engage, negotiate, respond, and connect stakeholders with real-time chat and interactive conversation features.


Add a human touch with video narrations

Video is a powerful medium that captivates attention. Grab your prospects attention with video narrations that go beyond words.


Track activity and buyer engagement analytics

Gain insights on prospect’s interactions and total time spent on the room. Monitor trending deals and predict which are likely to close.

How Heybase can help with proposal micro-sites?

Heybase offers beautiful and personalized buyer experiences for your sales deals
All the sales collaterals get centralized, Your team gets a modern tool for remote selling with superior sales enablement capabilities.
Communication and collaboration happening in a single place, You will get on-demand analytics and actionable insights.
Your team and your prospects will love the modern experience of Heybase!
Switching to Heybase is easy, No matter what tool you’re currently using.

"Game changer platform, Very easy to handle. Heybase is a great product to centralize all information for a customer, this can be a game changer for sales in general and for remote selling in particular."

Richard R.
B2B Sales Coach
All-in-one sales portal

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Streamline communication with buyers with Real-time collaboration.


Track engagement and measure performance, with analytics and insights.


Embed and use your existing content from Heybase integrated apps.


Add human touch to your sales collaterals with async video narrations.

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