Virtual Deal Room

Transform the buyer relationship from proposal to demo to contract with Virtual Deal Rooms.
Create an authentic buying experience with personalized intro video.
Schedule and join meetings, Engage your buyer with Real-time collaboration.
Seamlessly integrate your existing proposals, documents, and forms.

How Heybase can help with proposal micro-sites?

Heybase offers beautiful and personalized buyer experiences for your sales deals
All the sales collaterals get centralized, Your team gets a modern tool for remote selling with superior sales enablement capabilities.
Communication and collaboration happening in a single place, You will get on-demand analytics and actionable insights.
Your team and your prospects will love the modern experience of Heybase!
Switching to Heybase is easy, No matter what tool you’re currently using.

Build dynamic proposals and impress your buyers.

Heybase allows account teams to build a multimedia content deck, Share and pitch videos, embeds, documents, meetings, and more in one unified shared space.

Create a single destination to transform relationships into partnerships.

Collaborative shared spaces to communicate with your buyers on-context, so that they can make their decisions faster.

Track how your sales assets perform.

Heybase analytics helps teams to analyze buyer behavior and track content and campaign performance with real-time buyer activity analysis.

Sales teams that use Heybase close deals faster, and generate more revenue.

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