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Impress your prospects with the personalized experience of your uplifted sales cycle. Add personalized content and sales collaterals to Win their confidence.

Engage, collaborate and negotiate with stakeholders with a truly collaborative digital workspace by bringing all communications between you and your customer together.
Real-time insights of buyer behavior so you can track individual activity and keep deals on track. teams can learn which sales assets perform most effectively.

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Embed blocks
Embed your existing sales collaterals and content so buyers can access all the information on a single page.
Comments and Mentions
Collaborate with your buyer to answer their questions and help them to make their decisions faster, customers can message you directly from the sales room by mentioning you in the comment.
Personalization & Branding
Make your prospects buying experience more personalized and branded by using custom brand-colours and logos of both companies.
Drag and Drop UI Builder
Design Interface of your Sales Room with Drag-and-Drop UI builder, so no coding is required to create your proposal microsite.
Email Notifications
You and your buyer will be notified on new communications, mentions, and on other important steps.
Invite customer
Design Interface of your sales room with Drag-and-Drop UI builder, so no coding is required to create your proposal microsite.
Reuse your sales collaterals to save efforts and time, by creating templates that will help you to create sales rooms directly from templates.
Custom Domain
Make your sales rooms branded by using custom domains so buyers can visit directly to
Password-less login
Buyers can join your sales room without signing up, Once Invited, they will receive a magic link to access a personalized sales room created for them.

Sales teams that use Heybase close deals faster, and generate more revenue.

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